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Orca Encounter Soundtrack Release

Happy to share with you the release of the Orca Encounter Soundtrack! Many thanks to the Creative Team at FiveCurrents: Libby Hyland, Matt Goodson, Jess Christiansen for their trust in me in giving me such an opportunity to create something very special we're all very proud of. Thanks to Tim Starnes for his wonderful (pre-)recording and editing, to Massimiliano Lombardo for his relentless assistance, to my right-hand man Marcus Sjöwall for bringing out every little detail in my sketches, to all my orchestrators and take-down team (they know their names... :-), to the great RPM Seattle for his flawless music prep, to the fabulous Simon Rhodes at both Air Lyndhurst Studios and Abbey Road Studios for his impeccable ear during the recording and pre-mixing, the incredible Philharmonia Orchestra in London contracted by the dedicated Paul Talkington, the wonderful mixing engineer Dennis Sands for bringing this recording to life, and last but not least to Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios for her masterful finishing touches.

Go team! I'm forever grateful!

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